Our Vineyard

We saw potential in this 88-acre parcel of land that had until 2007 been untouched by vines. The property, once covered in Douglas Fir, had been logged and left somewhat desolate, except for the many stumps sticking out of the ground.

Over a year's time was spent clearing roughly twelve acres of leftover logging debris and replanting and caring for the forest of Douglas Fir in areas of the property we are not currently growing grapes. Twelve prized acres were put to vine with Pinot Noir clones Pommard, Dijon 777 and 115, now the youngest vineyard planted in the McMinnville AVA. This first block named simply, “King’s Table” showcases a unique combination of soils, microclimate and aspect. Our goal was to produce balanced, flavorful fruit to be the foundation of our estate wines. We have achieved that!

Our family holds a deep responsibility to safeguard the beauty and bounty of the land on which our grapes are grown. Even though we hold legal title to our property, we believe our ultimate roles are as caretakers or stewards who remain mindful of the impacts viticulture and winemaking can have on the environment. We want to leave this land healthy and productive for our children and future generations.

To remain conscious of our responsibilities we embrace sustainability and continue to look at ways to reduce water and energy use, minimize pesticide and herbicide use, build healthy soils, protect air and water quality while maintaining natural wildlife and vegetation habitats.

Our vineyard is located in the McMinnville AVA where a significant geological history has helped shape a highly complex and varied terroir. Fifty-five million years ago the Cascade Mountain lava flows and tectonic plate movements created the Coast Range Mountains which today keep our property in a protected weather shadow with rainfall lower than sites only twenty miles away. Our soils are primarily uplifted marine sedimentary loams and silts with a base of uplifting basalt.  Harder rock and compressed sediments of basalt pebbles and stone are found under an average 20-40 inch soil depth, giving us a unique soil complexity on which to grow our grapes. Afternoon winds from the nearby coast help to control mold and mildew on the grapes during humid summer days.

As farmers we are constantly reminded of the power of mother nature and that she always has the final word. We look forward to harvest every year and sharing the fruits of our labor with you. Thank you for supporting our family farm.

"As winemakers, our role is to preserve what mother nature gives you in the vineyard."


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