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Enjoy our Pinot Noir in these exquisite Riedel Oregon Pinot Noir Glasses. Created during several workshops with famed Oregon Producers, the shape clearly shows the fresh compact fruit of NorthWest Pinot Noir and highlights the irresistible sweetness, while perfectly balancing the acidity and deemphasizing the alcohol to create a perfect picture of the wine.

Part of Riedel's Vinum collection, the glass is state of the art when it comes to Oregon Pinot Noir. A combination of the best of Riedel’s extreme Pinot Noir glass and the Grand Cru Burgundy design, the  Oregon Pinot Noir glass features a large bowl for maximum aromatic development, and a slightly narrowed opening to concentrate and enhance the impression of the nose, a critical component of any great Pinot Noir. Additionally, the design of the rim and its relationship to the bowl enhances the delivery of the wine onto the palate, accentuating the delicate textural aspects of Oregon Pinot Noir.  

Crown Club members receive a 15% discount, making them only $13.60 each!

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