Fall Sale on Pinot Blanc

Posted on Friday, Oct 24 2014 - 12:00 am

There are only TEN cases left of our amazing 2009 Noble Pig Pinot Blanc! 

Buy three bottles or more and they’ll go to half price. (Which means buying three bottles would be almost $10 cheaper than buying two bottles. Now that’s some weird math that's on your side.)

Pinot Blanc is pure magic with spicy dishes – Thai cuisine in particular, but also Mexican food. There’s a debate you don’t hear very often: “I say, Lord Percy. What’s the proper varietal to serve with Chimichangas?” Noble Pig Pinot Blanc, that’s what. Old chap. And of course it also pairs beautifully with the more traditional white wine companions. Which brings to mind three good reasons to bring home three bottles of Noble Pig 2009 Pinot Blanc: Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving

All stock is available in the tasting room only. If you are interested in having the wine shipped, please contact me directly so I may take your order.

503-852-3038 Wed-Sunday 12-5 PM

Jeff Marten, Tasting Room Manager 


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