Banks Will Be Open, But Still...

Wednesday, Feb 18 2015 -- Today is National Drink Wine Day (Wednesday, February 18th). Whether you prefer a quiet dignified observance ... read more..

Good Neighbors

Monday, Feb 16 2015 -- When it comes to good neighbors, it’s hard to beat Republic of Jam. Right next door to the Noble ... read more..

Wine Bags Don't Lie

Saturday, Feb 07 2015 -- Come visit us at the Noble Pig tasting room in Carlton and check out our fun and quirky selection of ... read more..

Wine Community

Wednesday, Jan 28 2015 -- One of the nice things about the little community of wineries and tasting rooms that call Carlton our ... read more..

The BEST Coffee Mug

Friday, Jan 23 2015 -- I just returned from a visit to my hometown of Salinas, California (just up-valley from one of Cali’s ... read more..

How We Close Our Wine

Saturday, Dec 20 2014 -- Another question that’s frequently asked in the tasting room: “Do you use real corks or those ... read more..

Cork Dog

Saturday, Dec 06 2014 -- This extremely low-maintenance pet will hold around 80 corks (so get busy!), or you can fill it with ... read more..

Celebrating Ratification of the 21st Amendment

Friday, Dec 05 2014 -- We hope you imbibed just a little today, if only to celebrate the 81st anniversary of the ratification ... read more..

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thursday, Dec 04 2014 -- Thanks to all of our friends who shared some of their Thanksgiving weekend with us at the tasting room! ... read more..

How Many Calories.....?

Tuesday, Dec 02 2014 -- According to U.S. Dietary Guidelines, there are about 100 calories in a 5 ounce glass of most wines. ... read more..

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